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ROI: 354%

21. FexFund

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FexFund is part of the Fex Trade LTD group, which aims to maximize the Group's profits by investing in crypto currencies, Forex, stock exchange and startups. Our main goal is to provide the best investment results for our customers.

Our rating
User rating
  • Investment plans: 109.00% after 7 days; 6.00% daily; 5.00% daily
  • Min spend: $10.00
  • Max spend: $50000.00
  • Payout max time: 24h
  • Minimum to withdraw: $
  • Referral: 10%
  • Payment method: Instant
  • Compounding available: no
  • Principal return: no
  • Our investment: $100.00
  • Complaints: 0 (0 pending, 0 solved, 0 unsolved) ?
  • Verification level: unverified?


Name Profit Time of interest Min. deposit Max. deposit Period Compounding
Starter 109.00% after 7 days $10.00 $500.00 none none
Medium 6.00% daily $25.00 $5000.00 20 days none
Investor 5.00% daily $50.00 $50000.00 30 days none

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Support quality

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Payout speed
Support quality
If you see the sign "Care Investors Program" this means that you get a possibility to report any missed deposit or pending withdrawal even if you are not referred by us. A program's representative can join to any dispute and respond directly in our system. All complaints are monitored and verified by our investigation team.
In this way, your complaints are verified by a third and indepedent party. We publish the information how many complaints the program have and how many of them are solved, pending and unsolved.
We have 3 levels of verification process. Every level has individual rules, please visit our advertise page for more details.
Feel free to invite program administrators to get more confidence and to access verification procedures.

Every program position depends on many factors:

Base points - 50
Ordered points - 0
Our rating points - 6
Points for verification - 0
ROI points - 354
Monitoring time points - 0
Deposit volume points - 20

Payout speed
Support quality
There weren't any.
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2017-07-27 08:06:08 Status changed to problem
2017-05-02 13:30:19 Status changed to paying



Welcome to our 84th day online which is one of the best in FexFund's history. Why is that? It's because looks like there are real consensus achieved about Bitcoin changes!

Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 91 (BIP 91) was recently activated which means that we will have no Bitcoin split and what is more, there probably won't be any "August 1st" drama anymore! We already can see how BTC rate is going up and I think it might even hit 4k USD wall this time I hope you got some good stash of BTC while the price was like $1800 as we did.

Because of that I've decided to do a little celebration and announcing 5% deposit bonus for any "fresh" Bitcoin deposit. How does it work? If you, for example, deposit 1 BTC, then after we will get needed confirmations, you will get 1.05 BTC in your investment plan. Please keep in mind that the bonus won't work for reinvestments. Also, the bonus applies only to BTC payments, and it's valid from now on until Sunday, midnight time (23rd July 00:00:00 of a server time).

Also, I would like to warn you against scamming people, trying to steal your password. Their method is simple. They write to you saying that they will make the deposit as your referral, but you have to go to the site X and sign up there. This site X is a fake site which collects your password and username. If they are lucky, they might take over your account in FexFund. Luckily there was only one account compromised and only because the owner wasn't careful.

Please remember those simple rules when running your account on and then you will be 100% safe:

1. Never use the same password anywhere, you use on FexFund
2. Make sure your email address is correct so that you will get notifications in case of any payment account changes done on your account.
3. Always enable at least PIN number in Security area or Google Authenticator.

Also keep in mind that we send only one newsletter weekly, on Fridays and we will never ask you to give us anything in exchange for something. We don't ask you for any mobile numbers etc. and we don't send multilingual newsletters. You can always cross check email content against site's news section as they always match as well.

I made this long enough, so I won't keep you anymore today. I hope you are enjoying your stay in FexFund as much as we are glad to have you here.

Have a great weekend.

George Soleos
CEO of


Welcome on our 77th day online. This time I won't be praising number 7 like I did last time, I promise

Time flies I have to say. Two more weeks and we will be three months online. The most exciting part of it is the fact that it's just the beginning of the most awesome journey we have and it's called

I believe most of you are on holidays, vacations, taking sunbaths so that I won't keep you for long with this newsletter.

I would like to apologise for the recent BTC problem. Apparently, our wallet Coinpayments decided to close our account without any notification and what is worse, with money in it. They stole money which belongs to you, dear investors. They don't reply anymore to our tickets; they don't even have any phone number listed on their site, so our hands are tied, but we won't leave it like that. That's the reason we had to do the quick switch to another, safe and reliable wallet. The only good thing is the fact that I keep most of the Bitcoins on the markets and I fill up the wallet for the daily withdraws, so the loss isn't that bad. Anyway "drama" is over, we solved this within hours, and we appreciate your patience during that time.

Speaking of the markets, which are in dark red most of the times. That makes us happy as this is great opportunity to gain some quick deals while prices are going up and down. You just need to know where and when to put money in, and luckily our traders do have that knowledge

We are getting many signals that you are delighted with the recent plan updates, and we couldn't be happier about that. Thanks for your ongoing support!

As I promised that this newsletter would be short, then it's time to finish it. Enjoy the sun (if you have any outside) but please find few minutes per day to check our site and your daily profits

Oh and don't forget about our Telegram Group:

Ps. Next week we will update you on BTC situation (Segwit, Hardfork) so please stay tuned. The good news is the fact that the Hardfork probably won't happen and we stay with one, strong and united Bitcoin!

All the best

George Soleos
CEO of


Today is a day full of the lucky number "7". It's 7th of July (7th month) of 2017, and it's your 70th day online. I'm not superstitious, but I think karma is on our side

So here we are in our journey, nearly in the middle of the summer. Still good, still paying instantly and still growing!

About the growth - we have decided to add one more plan - 60 days program. It was a request from our good investors, looking for the more long-term relationship with us. Also, we have decided to lower the maximum investment amount to Starter plan and limit the number of starter programs per user to two.

Why did we do that? We aim long term, and with markets these days we have to be more careful and plan our investments much more carefully to avoid risks. You can probably see how many similar sites, claiming that they trade (or not) are gone by now, while we are still here. With Starter plans, we couldn't do anything else but risky live trading. And because our site is growing, we have much more severe investors; we cannot take that risk anymore.
Please keep in mind that comparing to other services we still offer short-term return time with quite big profit.

Other news is that the wallet we use - Coinpayments - is getting a bit crazy last few days. I can see they have the outage from time to time and some payments I have to push manually. I hope they will overcome with that server problems. If that keeps happening, we will switch wallets. But just in case your BTC payment (as other wallets are working just fine) didn't go through instantly - do not worry. We will send it as fast as it's possible. Also, our FAQ covers that:

If for some reason, withdrawals cannot be made instantly (e.g. in cases of payment processor API outage) they will be paid out within 24 hours.

It's a rare occurrence but can happen. No need to panic then

As it's getting closer to the "scary date" of 1st of August we are getting some questions how we are going to behave in case of...
The whole point is that we don't know what is going to happen. I believe that Bitcoin won't split and we can still enjoy stable and reliable currency. We will always be supporting Bitcoin, and our aim is to keep using the original Bitcoin on the site. If we get much more details about the things are going to happen, we will update you.

I wanted to keep it short but didn't make it, maybe next week

So I wish you all the best this weekend!


I hope you are not bored with my newsletters every Friday, but I have to "warn" you, I will keep doing them for a long while!

This one won't be short, sorry for that. But we have so much great news to share that we cannot miss anything.

First of all, our Agency in Brazil is open now. It's nearly ready to go, our Top Agent Diego Aragao da Mata did a tremendous job and in the concise period got everything set and organised. Well done Diego! You can find some pictures of the office just right here:

The address of the Agency is now available in About Us section so if you are lucky to live in the area, feel free to drop by to our office

A few days ago I launched the pool about changing/updating our site's design. Most of you voted for "Do not change anything" option but there was some significant number of votes for "Keep and update your current design" so I believe this is some kind of a green light to make little updates on the site but not to change its whole image. We will probably start with video tutorials section as we get a lot if questions about the usability of the website and I'm sure those tutorials will help the beginners a lot.

Also, we made some changes in Representatives section. We have cleared those who got the status but were never promoting or what is worse, got the status only to open multiple accounts and benefit of better commission with their deposits. It's much more clear now; all beginners can be sure that those listed as Representative or Top Agents are always willing to help if needed.
Just a quick reminder of Representative requirements - we require 5 active direct referrals and $1000 worth of deposits by the applicant, so we are sure only serious people are applying for the status.

Another change is two new languages on the site: Portuguese and Spanish. Big kudos to Diego Aragao da Mata and Eduardo Chevarria Palomino for the translations. That's the spirit and team effort we love!

As we are getting more and more popular, some scammers or hackers are trying to get the advantage of it. Recently some of you might get some fake emails promising bonus for sharing their details. Please keep in mind that we will never do that. We send our newsletter on Friday only and only from email address. All other announcements we do on the site via our News system. So please ignore any fake emails trying to steal your data!

Ok, I think it's time to stop here. Most of you are probably asleep at this stage of the newsletter I will let you come back to your duties before the weekend will come and I'm coming back to the markets as excellent deals can be made within ours. That's why we love cryptocurrencies, and we will share our profits with you guys for a long time!

Have an excellent weekend.

George Soleos
CEO of


Another Friday has just begun, and I couldn't be happier to send you another newsletter with the latest updates.

Today it's our 35th day online. I wish I could reverse the time and make a bet with every single person who said that it "doesn't make sense to open trading site", "you will not survive even one week" and any other negative stuff we heard from people. I would be rich while winning all the bets

But let's focus on the things which are happening now. We are heading to the end of first Promoter Contest. We got very positive feedback from sponsors and just regular users who are recommending our site to their friends. That's why we have decided to open another contest, this time for two weeks and with different rules. We will count deposits from all referrals, not only those who signed up during the competition time! So you can encourage your existing referrals to invest with us and have a chance to win contest's prizes.

Also, there is ongoing pool about making changes in the plans on the site. As we hear you and your voice is the most important for us we can already finish that pool as your votes say it's all:

Remove Starter plan and add 45 days plan - 557

Remove Starter plan and add 60 days plan - 418

Do not remove Starter and add 45 days plan- 293

Do not remove Starter and add 60 days plan- 445

Do not make any changes - 4181

So considering this results, we will make no further changes in the plan system.

We have some big news as well.

We are opening partnership with SHOPNOW.NG which is Africa's 1st online store that will accept Bitcoin as the only means of payment. SHOPNOW.NG will be launched on July 29th and will host top Bitcoin investors from Nigeria, Africa and the world as well have the partnership with two international companies already (BITREFILL & BITWALA) and making it the third. Shopnow will not be limited to just e-commerce but will be an exchange for BTC users to change their BTC to Naira and vice versa; it will also be a platform to advertise Bitcoin investments or businesses.

I just realised that it is another long newsletter, so I better finish this off

Don't forget to join our telegram channel:

Have a wonderful weekend.

George Soleos

CEO of


It's Friday! I think we all like this lovely day. I like it even more since we have started 2 weeks ago. Time flies and we are going into the 3rd week of our investment platform.

So what is going on? A lot is going on! Have you seen the BTC price? It's crazy, positively crazy! Just think about this smart guy which invested with us on our first days.
Let's make a quick example:

Investor X made an investment into Starter Package on 28th of April: 0.5 BTC - at this stage 0.5 BTC was worth about 670 USD.
Then his package matured on 5th of May with the value of 0.545 BTC - at this stage his 0.545 BTC was worth about 835 USD.
So he made about 165 USD in 7 days for doing nothing!
Imagine that some people bought more than one starter packages, one of the investors got 20 of them with the amounts shown in the example. So you can calculate his income on your own

But FexFund isn't only about BTC. We also have steady USD payment processors and those are popular as well. Our 3000 active investors appreciate the wide range investment possibilities with us.

I would like to remind you about our Representative Program. We've removed the need for deposit as a requirement. So all you need to do is to have 5 active referrals and you can jump into 10% commission from your referrals.

Also if you are promoter from China or Japan (or you know any) please let us know, we have some special
arrangements for them.

If you will be interested in knowing a bit more about me and my vision, watch this space:
We made an interview (cool to be famous ;)) which should be published today at some stage.

I hope you all will have a great weekend. Friday is a payday for some of us so don't forget to secure some investments on for the weekend

All the best

George Soleos


As we have promised, we are adding one more language today - Chinese. Vietnamese one will be added today in the evening time or tomorrow morning as we are still waiting for our translator to come back to us.

We also have some news for you. The biggest one is that we have decided to remove $500 requirement for Representative application. We are aware that some of the promoters are not necessarily investors and this requirement might scare them. So from now on if you want to be the Representative, the only requirement is to have 5 active direct referrals.

Why is Representative function so great in here? Because you can earn 10% commission, credited on your account balance instantly (while users with no deposits or deposits less than $500 have to wait 2 days for their commission to be credited.) Also, there is a lot of users which are signing up with no referral link and we are doing the draw and give those as referrals for our Representatives.

Meanwhile, there is more and more around the internet We have been reviewed by few more sites:

And probably many more I'm not aware of

You can probably see some banners of FexFund floating around. Our advertising team works their best to announce that we are here and we are here to stay!

I would like to apologise for recent "Bitcoin Drama" as we are calling this kind of situation in our office. Yesterday, the wallet we use CoinPayments had a serious hickup in terms of withdrawing money. So some people got scared that we don't pay instantly anymore. We do pay instantly all the time when you press Withdraw button
money goes out of our accounts straight away. With Bitcoin, you can see the internal Coinpayments tracking number and then Bitcoin TX number in your Withdraw history under a link icon. If you see the Coinpayments tracking number then it means your withdrawal is already placed and waiting for Bitcoin network reaction. There is not much we can do about it so if this kind of situation happens again just please wait.

A little update from recent market opportunities - did you know that Ripple almost doubled their value? Well we did know so we have secured a "bit more" funds for our investors

I didn't mean to bore you so I better finish up this newsletter now. I wish you all a great day.

George Soleos
CEO of


It's been 7 days since we've launched our online investing platform and we couldn't be more happy that you are still with us!

Today is a big day for our first investors which chose our Starter plan. They are already getting their profits, ready for instant withdrawal. We hope that you are happy with the results and trust us one more time as we have to tell you, times for the investors are great!

We have to boast about something. With recent cryptocurrencies fluctuations (mostly BTC and LTC) we were able to secure income for our investors for another few months! We live in extraordinary times when experienced investors (like us) can gain huge profits just within hours or days!

Now, let's go straight to some facts. During our 7 days online we've got over 1300 investors, most of them active. If you are with us but didn't invest anything yet, don't lose such a great opportunity to earn some extra cash with us, doing absolutely nothing!

As we've promised, we are adding two more languages now: Polish and German. On Monday we should add two more: Chinese and Vietnamese.

If you look around the internet, you can find a lot of sites and forums talking about us. We've been reviewed by several sites:

We also would like to warn you, there is some site with "fexfund" phrase in the name as well. Keep in mind that we operate only under - and anyone using our name is a scammer trying to gain profits using our name. Also, several users are reporting that is listed on several monitors with Waiting status. Those are scam monitors which are trying forcing us to pay them for the listing. We will not do that so stay away from this kind of monitors.

Let's spread the word about all around the world! We are happy to have you here.


We are online for over 2 days now. During that time we have over 600 investors registered on the site and this amount
is growing hour by hour. It's because you are the great community and together we can build strong and reliable investment

We have added 3 more ways to contact us - via Skype, Telegram Chat and Live Chat on the site. So for your convenience we
have five different ways to reach us if needed.

We encourage you to participate in our Representative Program. Our representatives are getting great benefits like 10% affiliate
commission or chance to get free referrals. For more info please check our FAQ section. The site is still young to it's better
to apply now and get as many referrals as you can as they would bring you nice and passive income.

Also, we are working on 3 new languages and will add them in few days time.

Stay tuned for more news and have a good Sunday.

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